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What is the purpose of a trial jury?

You might hear people who are facing criminal charges say that they will make their case to the jury. This concept is one that is supported by the United States Constitution. The Sixth Amendment sets the right of a person who is facing at least six months in prison to have a trial by jury.

Understand how an expungement might help you in the future

A mark on your criminal record is something that can have a negative impact on your life. Sometimes, there isn't anything that you can do about that mark; however, there are limited circumstances that might lead to you being able to seek an expungement of the criminal record.

What are the top reasons to seek expungement in New Hampshire?

If you or someone you know has ever made a mistake resulting in a conviction, you probably already know how this can affect your life. Even a simple arrest can leave a black mark on your record that will follow you for your lifetime. On the other hand, a criminal conviction changes your life in many negative ways from reputation damage to difficulty finding work.

Probation violations mean a trip before the judge

We recently discussed some tips that can help you avoid alcohol over the holiday season. This is something that is very important because any alcohol consumption is likely a violation of probation or parole terms. For people who are in these programs, a violation can mean a trip to prison if the officer over the case sends in a violation and the court feels the need to take action.

Overcome the challenge of an alcohol-free holiday

The holiday season is one that is associated with parties of various types. Many of these parties will include alcohol, but this is a no-no for a person who is on probation or parole. It is imperative that you remain sober for the entire holiday season if you are on paper.

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