Probation violations mean a trip before the judge

We recently discussed some tips that can help you avoid alcohol over the holiday season. This is something that is very important because any alcohol consumption is likely a violation of probation or parole terms. For people who are in these programs, a violation can mean a trip to prison if the officer over the case sends in a violation and the court feels the need to take action.

The truth is that people who are on probation or parole face a very strict set of rules. Anything that they do that violates the rules, no matter how minor the violation might seem, can lead to more legal trouble. Oftentimes, it is left up to the officer to determine when filing a violation is necessary. Of course, there are some violations that might result in a mandatory violation.

If you are on probation or parole, it is usually beneficial to have a good client-officer relationship with the person over your case. This can sometimes help you work with the officer if there is something that is a violation, but that isn’t very serious.

Facing a probation violation means that you are going to have to stand before a judge to explain your actions. There aren’t any jury trials for these charges, so you have to be prepared with something that will sway a judge to believe what you are saying if you are placed in this position.

We understand that you might not have any idea of how to handle this situation. We can help you find out what options you have and how you may be able to resolve the case.