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April 2016 Archives

Criminal defense: Mother with toddler in car charged with DUI

Being arrested for drunk driving in Derry may cause significant concern to the accused person, especially if it is a first arrest and the individual does not know what to expect. Any accused individual has the right to retain the services of an attorney, regardless of the circumstances of the case. A New Hampshire woman who was recently arrested may need a skilled criminal defense attorney, especially because she is also accused of endangering a child.

Criminal defense: NH man accused of domestic threatening

Domestic violence can take on many forms and need not involve physical abuse or assault to constitute a criminal offense. Whenever an individual in Derry or another part of New Hampshire is accused of domestic violence, it makes sense to retain the services of an attorney. A seasoned criminal defense lawyer will work to protect the client's legal rights while pursuing a favorable result.

People convicted on New Hampshire drug charges have a lot to lose

People who are convicted of drug possession, manufacturing, distribution or some other violation of New Hampshire law can face severe penalties, including substantial prison time, hefty fines and the possibility of a damaging criminal record that could follow them for the rest of their lives. Many people who are arrested for a New Hampshire drug crime do not know their rights and needlessly accept convictions when they might have easily overcome the charges with the help of a good lawyer.

Man accused of domestic violence entitled to criminal defense

Facing charges of assault or domestic violence can have an adverse impact on the life of the accused individual. In many cases in which an individual in New Hampshire is accused of domestic violence, the accusations may be false and brought with malice. Whatever the circumstances, the support of an aggressive criminal defense attorney may be needed to avoid the severe consequences that a conviction on such charges can bring. A 32-year-old man was recently arrested in Nashua, NH after he was accused of assaulting a woman.

Providing strong legal advocacy for individuals facing DUI charges

With summer quickly approaching, residents throughout New Hampshire will soon be enjoying warmer temperatures and all of the fun recreational activities that come with them. From backyard barbecues to trips to the beach, adults often like to enjoy an alcoholic beverage or two during the hot summer months. In cases where a fun summer day ends with a DUI arrest, it's important to contact a defense attorney as soon as possible.

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