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Making criminal defense decisions when pulled over for DUI

Being pulled over in a traffic stop in New Hampshire (or, anywhere) can be stressful. The reason for the stop is not always immediately apparent to the driver. In certain situations, such as when an officer suspects intoxicated driving, a motorist will need to make several decisions in a relatively short amount of time that may be best addressed alongside experienced criminal defense guidance.

Criminal defense in sexual assault cases

When Derry residents are accused of sexual assault, the ways in which it can affect their lives are numerous. More than just their freedom is at stake since many people convicted of sex crimes are required to register as sex offenders, which can restrict where they live and how others perceive them long after they have "served their time." That is why enlisting the help of a criminal defense attorney is essential. These cases can be complex, and attempting to go it alone can have lifelong repercussions. 

How your criminal defense team can help you with a DWI or DUI

Like other Derry residents, you more than likely did not begin your day with the intention of driving drunk. Regardless of the circumstances under which you ended up being taken into custody on suspicion of DWI or DUI, you will need a criminal defense attorney to advocate on your behalf. There are often more issues to deal with than just the potential criminal court proceedings, and it would not be advisable to go through the process alone.

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