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What are drug trafficking and distribution?

Having to face drug charges mean that you need to get started on a defense right away so that you have time to explore the options that are available. Understanding the charge that you are facing is something that can help you to decide what to do because how you defend against a possession charge will be very different from how you defend against a trafficking charge.

DUI defenses can take on very different strategies

Now that the end-of-the-year holiday season is over, you might realize how much the drunk driving charge you got after the big party might affect your life. Instead of sitting around sulking and thinking about what ifs, now is the time for you to start thinking about your defense strategy that you will employ.

Consider some common drug possession defense strategies

Drug charges are often very serious charges. Even if you are facing a possession charge, you are still facing incarceration, fines and other penalties. It is imperative that you understand your defense options for possession charges so that you know what choices you can make. These aren't the same in all cases, so you should look into what options are possible for your specific case.

Automatic protective order issued on man, wife wants it lifted

A woman filed a request to have a protective order that was issued after a domestic incident lifted. The woman, who was said to have been held at gunpoint by her husband, claims that he never hurt her. She said that she didn't fear for her life.

Successful co-parenting tips

Divorce is not always easy when there are kids in the mix. New Hampshire parents are often so caught up in themselves that it is easy for them to overlook their children's needs and feelings. Some people find it challenging to maintain a good relationship with their former partner, even though they want to do their best to raise their children.

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