What are drug trafficking and distribution?

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Having to face drug charges mean that you need to get started on a defense right away so that you have time to explore the options that are available. Understanding the charge that you are facing is something that can help you to decide what to do because how you defend against a possession charge will be very different from how you defend against a trafficking charge.

What is a drug trafficking or distribution charge?

Drug trafficking and distribution are charges that are usually associated with selling or transporting drugs. Typically, these charges involve larger amounts of drugs than what would be associated with a possession charge. Drug trafficking and distribution charges are felony charges.

What kinds of drugs are associated with trafficking and distribution charges?

Any illegal drug or controlled drug, including prescription drugs, can be associated with drug trafficking and distribution. This includes drugs that are illegal on a state level, as well as those that are illegal on a federal level. It is possible to face both state and federal charges for these crimes as long as the necessary points are present in the case.

Who can face drug trafficking and distribution charges?

Anyone who has drugs in a manner that violates the applicable laws can face these charges. While they were meant to help deter drug cartels, lower level drug dealers often face these types of charges.

Drug trafficking and distribution charges can impact your future. You can face three to five years up to life in prison if you are convicted of these charges. On top of that, you will be branded as a felon if you are convicted, so this could affect how you live your daily life.

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