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June 2016 Archives

Criminal defense in tragic overdose case reaches plea agreement

Many parents here in Derry might be able to sympathize with a family that wants someone to pay for the death of their son who died of a drug overdose. His best friend was arrested and charged in connection with that tragedy. Recently, his criminal defense team reached a plea agreement with prosecutors that was approved by the court.

Felony assault charges require a vigorous criminal defense

Those here in Derry who either have faced felony assault charges themselves or know someone who has already understand that the penalties of a conviction can be serious. Anyone facing such charges should engage the assistance of criminal defense counsel as soon as possible. Without an understanding of the law, along with how the local court system works, attempting to deal with the charges alone could be disastrous.

Facing drug charges? A good criminal defense is a good offense

Law enforcement officials here in Derry and throughout New Hampshire take drug crimes seriously. If you are under investigation or under arrest for drug charges, you will need to work quickly to protect your rights. Criminal defense counsel can help do that and otherwise represent you in court, if necessary.

Greatness lives on: Three lessons in estate planning from Ali

A legend both in and out of the boxing ring, Muhammad Ali leaves behind a legacy in more ways than one. In addition to his professional triumphs, fans can also learn from his personal aspirations by taking note of how his estate unfolds in the months ahead.

Man arrested for pharmacy robbery needs criminal defense

It is hard to miss the recent news of celebrities reaching tragic ends due to powerful pain killers. The abuse of prescription drugs in this country seems to be reaching epidemic proportions, and places like Derry and other New Hampshire towns are not immune. When addiction to pain killers drives people to commit crimes, seeking a criminal defense attorney can be just as important as seeking treatment.

Driver likely needs criminal defense in deadly wrong-way crash

When police arrive at the scene of an accident in Derry or elsewhere in the state, those who survive the crash -- but suffer injuries -- have a tendency to talk to police without thinking. Unfortunately, depending on the situations, anything that is said could end up being used against those involved. If police end up arresting someone who made statements, his or her criminal defense team will need to be sure that the individual's rights were not violated.

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