Man arrested for pharmacy robbery needs criminal defense

On Behalf of | Jun 6, 2016 | Drug Crime Defense, Firm News

It is hard to miss the recent news of celebrities reaching tragic ends due to powerful pain killers. The abuse of prescription drugs in this country seems to be reaching epidemic proportions, and places like Derry and other New Hampshire towns are not immune. When addiction to pain killers drives people to commit crimes, seeking a criminal defense attorney can be just as important as seeking treatment.

A young man in a nearby town may be experiencing this after he attempted to rob a pharmacy. Reportedly, the man approached the woman working behind the pharmacy counter and handed her a note demanding two powerful opioids. The note also allegedly warned the woman that the man had a gun in his pocket. When the man was arrested sometime later, he was charged with possession of the stolen drugs as well as unarmed robbery.

After the judge set his bail at $75,000, the man asked the court to lower the bail, considering that he lived and worked in the area and that his family was also local. He also reportedly admitted that he did not really have a weapon at the time of the robbery, but the judge instructed him not to talk about the case. The young man was advised to discuss modification of bail with an attorney.

Having an attorney by his side as soon as possible after his arrest may have given this young man someone who could speak for him without risking incriminating himself. When anyone in Derry is facing charges, he or she may be confused or anxious. An experienced criminal defense lawyer can give advice and guidance to make sure any New Hampshire person accused of a crime receives the best possible protection of his or her rights.

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