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Probation and parole violations can derail your life

Probation and parole are very strict programs that must be successfully completed if the person doesn't want to have to spend the rest of their sentence in prison. The close monitoring is necessary so that the person can remain in society. Unfortunately, it is sometimes difficult for a person to comply with all of the conditions and they will face a violation.  

Is eyewitness testimony reliable?

When a criminal case goes to court, jurors are apt to place a significant amount of weight on the testimony of eyewitnesses because they believe the facts such people present are accurate. However, what the eyewitness observed or experienced relative to the crime can be affected by psychological factors, which include anxiety, stress, reconstructive memory and weapon focus.

Probation and parole have specific requirements

People who are convicted of crimes will sometimes be sentenced to probation, which is a monitoring program that enables them to remain in the community while they serve their sentence. Others will be incarcerated upon conviction, but if they behave while they are in prison, they might be able to be released on parole. Just like probation, parole enables them to remain in the community while they finish out their sentence as long as they abide by the rules of the program.

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