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Drugs can lead to various criminal charges for one incident

Drugs can lead you down a dark path that might end when you face criminal charges in relation to them. This is a harsh reality for some individuals, but it might be the wake-up call they need. For a person who is facing drug charges, the impacts of the case are sometimes the point that makes them try to remain on the right side of the law.

Probation violations can lead to criminal charges

People are sometimes sentenced to probation instead of having to spend time in prison when they are convicted of a crime. To people who aren't involved in the criminal justice system, this might seem like an easy way out. The truth is that probation can be very challenging for some people. Still, the court tries to give some people a chance to make life improvements without having to report to prison.

Criminal record expunction is only possible in limited cases

Having a criminal conviction on your record can present several challenges in your life. You might not be able to hold the job you want, and you may find that renting a home is difficult. While there isn't much you can do about this while you are completing your sentence, there is a chance that you might be eligible to have the conviction expunged from your record.

Marijuana is still illegal on a federal level

Even though many states are pursing decriminalization of marijuana, this is still a drug that is illegal on a federal level. The federal government hasn't been aggressive in the prosecution of many marijuana cases. Instead, it is leaving the vast majority of these cases to states to handle. Of course, there are some exceptions to this.

Don't try to ignore drunk driving charges

Summer bonfires and other events can be fun times for everyone involved. Some of these activities might involve drinking alcohol. If you don't plan properly, you might end up having to get behind the wheel after drinking. This isn't a good situation, as it can lead to drunk driving charges. We know that you didn't think this would happen, but it is a sad reality for a good number of people each summer.

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