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What are the top reasons to seek expungement in New Hampshire?

If you or someone you know has ever made a mistake resulting in a conviction, you probably already know how this can affect your life. Even a simple arrest can leave a black mark on your record that will follow you for your lifetime. On the other hand, a criminal conviction changes your life in many negative ways from reputation damage to difficulty finding work.

To many, the prospect of seeking to expunge a criminal record seems like a lot of work. However, the benefits of record expungement can go a long way toward changing your life for the better. Below you will find some of the most common and valuable reasons people have chosen to have their records expunged in New Hampshire.

Probation violations mean a trip before the judge

We recently discussed some tips that can help you avoid alcohol over the holiday season. This is something that is very important because any alcohol consumption is likely a violation of probation or parole terms. For people who are in these programs, a violation can mean a trip to prison if the officer over the case sends in a violation and the court feels the need to take action.

The truth is that people who are on probation or parole face a very strict set of rules. Anything that they do that violates the rules, no matter how minor the violation might seem, can lead to more legal trouble. Oftentimes, it is left up to the officer to determine when filing a violation is necessary. Of course, there are some violations that might result in a mandatory violation.

Key considerations for developing a proper parenting plan

Deciding the fate of a child is a critical part of any divorce process involving children. When determining parenting time, a proper parenting plan is necessary.

Without the right plan of action, creating this schedule may become difficult. There are a few key considerations to keep in mind when developing a parenting plan.

Overcome the challenge of an alcohol-free holiday

The holiday season is one that is associated with parties of various types. Many of these parties will include alcohol, but this is a no-no for a person who is on probation or parole. It is imperative that you remain sober for the entire holiday season if you are on paper.

There are several ways that you can increase the likelihood that you will stay away from alcohol. One of the best might be to think about what a drink could cost you. If you are forbidden from consuming alcohol, a single drink could mean that you are going to be back in prison or jail because your probation or parole officer could file a case for a violation.

Your holiday can be ruined by a DUI charge

In the previous blog post, some points to consider when coming up with a drunk driving defense were discussed. It is imperative that you think about how a drunk driving arrest might impact your season before you start your vehicle's engine after you've been drinking alcohol.

One thing to remember about drinking during the holiday season is that many police departments initiate drunk driving checkpoints. Even if you aren't showing any signs of being intoxicated, there is a good chance that you will be stopped at one of these checkpoints. Once you are stopped, the officer might be able to determine that you've been drinking.

Know how to address drunk driving charges this winter

Heading out to the clubs at night is a good way to make some fun memories with your friends. You need to plan ahead to make sure that you aren't going to end your night on a sour note by being arrested for drunk driving.

There are two trains of thought on drunk driving charges. One is that they aren't a big deal. The other is that they are life-changing charges. Both of these have some truth, so make sure that you don't get sidetracked into believing one or other.

Think about every option in drug charge defenses

Drug convictions can have quite a few collateral consequences for those who wind up convicted. It is imperative to think carefully about how a conviction might impact you as you are making decisions about the course of your defense.

Many people don't realize that they have to take an active role in their defense. You can't just let the cards fall where they may when you are dealing with a criminal defense. Each decision needs to be considered carefully, and every option needs to be vetted appropriately.

How to protect your estate from creditors

When it comes to estate planning in Derry, it is important for you to take into consideration your debts. You may be under the assumption that they will go away when you die, but they do not. Unpaid debts pass on to your estate. If you do not want your creditors to siphon away your loved one’s inheritances and your legacy, you may be able to prevent this by being a little more thorough with your estate plans

Keep in mind that any debts that have joint owners or cosigners may not pass right to your estate. They become the responsibility of the joint owner or cosigner of the account. This may lighten some of the debts that your estate will owe upon your death, but it does not absolve them all. Other debts may become the responsibility of your surviving spouse. Review the following things you can do to make your estate creditor-proof. 

The full circle of collateral consequences after a conviction

Most people tend to think of the impacts of a criminal conviction in relation to the immediate effects. While these are life-impacting, there are many different consequences that a person who is convicted of a crime might face. The ones that aren't imposed by the court as part of the sentencing are known as collateral consequences.

There are many different things that impact the types of collateral consequences a person will face. The classification of the crime -- felony or misdemeanor -- is one of these. The type of crime, such as a drug crime or a violent crime can also have an impact.

New Hampshire bills sets conditions for driverless cars

The thought of driverless cars hitting the roads is something that many people are worried about. Even though drivers already use tools like cruise control, a fully autonomous vehicle is still a frightening prospect. For drivers in New Hampshire, there is a chance that automated vehicles will take the roads by January of 2019.

The ability of driverless cars to drive in this state is the subject of House Bill 314, which is still a proposed bill. It would require anyone who wants to operate a self-driving vehicle in the state to pay a $500 licensing fee to the state. It would also require $10 million of insurance that would help cover the costs of injury or property damage if a crash is caused by one of these vehicles.

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