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Your drug defense must be based on facts

A drug crime defense, like all defenses, must be based on facts. How you present those might be the key to your defense. When you have this type of charge, you have to look at what you might be able to do for the defense because your options will depend largely on the circumstances of the case.

One of the first things you will have to decide is how you are going to plead to the charges. You have three options. The first is not guilty, which means you deny that you committed the crime. The second is guilty, which means you fully admit that you did what you've been accused of. The third is no contest, which means that you don't admit that you did the crime, but you do admit that the evidence in the case could lead to a conviction.

Could your divorce lead to domestic violence charges?

Family law and criminal law sometimes intersect, and it frequently occurs during a divorce when one spouse accuses the other of domestic violence. That definitely escalates the situation between the parties and makes civil resolution far more difficult.

Without negating the very real horrors domestic violence can inflict upon the victims, there are cases when the accuser makes such allegations in order to get the upper hand in the divorce proceedings.

Annulments for criminal records have specific requirements

In New Hampshire, criminal record expungements are known as annulments. There are very strict requirements for records to be annulled. Understanding some of the requirements might help you determine whether your case may qualify or not. It is important to remember that the court has great discretion about whether to grant the petition or not.

One of the most important things to remember in these cases is that you can't even begin the waiting period for the annulment until you have completed all the sentencing requirements for your conviction. If you weren't convicted, you can petition the court right away once the case is finished through a dismissal, nolle prossed or not guilty finding.

The new way to determine alimony in New Hampshire

Divorce is full of hot-button topics to work through. The ones that tend to get the most focus are child custody, child support and property division. One you may not have given much thought is alimony, which refers to financial support for an ex-spouse.

Every state treats alimony differently, and New Hampshire just changed its laws this year. Knowing about this reform can help you get a clearer understanding of how alimony may affect your divorce case.

Drunk driving crashes can lead to serious legal problems

Being charged with drunk driving is a very serious matter. While many people face this situation, there are some people who have more to worry about than just the drunk driving charge. When there is a wreck that involves a drunk driver, there can be other matters that the defendant has to worry about.

Oftentimes, a person who is involved in an accident while they are driving drunk will have to face enhanced penalties. This could mean that a misdemeanor charge is increased to a felony. These cases are associated with higher fines, the possibility of increased jail time and other harsh penalties.

Careers can be impacted by drug charges

With the prevalence of drugs these days, some people think that criminal charges related to them are minor. This isn't at all the case. You can't fall into the habit of thinking that you are able to ignore these charges. Instead, it is time for you to get started on your defense right away so that you are able to take the time to think about the ways that each option is going to affect your future.

Your career might be in jeopardy when you are facing a drug charge. Many employers require that their employees remain drug-free throughout their employment. They might not let you go while the charges are pending, but you may be terminated if you are convicted. Sometimes, employers will be a bit more forgiving if the employee admits to a drug addiction and gets help for that.

Association with felons by parolees and probationers

When you are on probation or parole, you have specific requirements for what you are and aren't allowed to do. One of the conditions that is present in almost all programs is that you can't associate with known felons. There are several reasons for this, but it is imperative that you comply so that you don't face a violation.

The primary goal of forbidding association with other felons is that this gives the person a chance to rehabilitate without falling back into old habits. The terms of the program will usually also forbid a person from having contact with anyone who is engaging in criminal activity, regardless of whether that person is a felon or not.

Drug charges must be taken seriously

Drug crimes are becoming perceived as less serious than they used to be. This doesn't mean that you should treat them as minor issues. They can have very big impacts on your life if you are caught and have to face charges for them. In some cases, there is a chance that you will face felony charges. This means that a conviction will lead to you being classified as a felon for life.

We know that you might not think that this can have a big effect on your life, but it can. You have many ways that this might impact you. You might be unable to find a good job that can support you. If you don't own your home, finding a place to live might be close to impossible because many landlords do background checks now.

Don't let your temper flare into a physical altercation

With the big game on Sunday, tensions are going to be high for many sports fans. It is imperative that you find productive ways to deal with the stress that the game will involve. If you are heading out to a viewing party, make sure that you have your wits about you. The last thing that you need to do is to face a criminal charge because things turned physical.

Assault and battery charges are considered violent crimes, which means that you can face lifelong implications if you are convicted of either of these. We know that this is troubling to think about, but you need to be sure that you aren't trying to ignore the charges if they have been levied. We are here to help you work through the options that you have so that you can make a decision that you are most comfortable with.

Notable new laws in New Hampshire

Everyone wants to avoid criminal punishment and stay on the right side of the law. One thing that can make it difficult to comply with state laws is the fact that they change frequently. Several new laws in New Hampshire exist as of the beginning of 2019.

These laws concern various topics, from traffic violations to marriage. Here are some of the most notable new laws in the Granite State.

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