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People addicted to drugs can sometimes benefit from drug court

Many people who are charged with drug possession don't mean to break the law, they just need to get their hands on their drug of choice due to an addiction. Getting off of these drugs can be very difficult. Rehabilitation programs are often costly and the ones that aren't usually have long wait times. This leaves the person without any viable options to stop using.

We realize that you might feel hopeless right now. We can't promise you an outcome to your case, but we can discuss your options with you so that you can tell us what you want to do. In some cases, you might be able to benefit from the drug court program. This allows you to get the help you need to stop using drugs and deal with your addiction while you are under the court's supervision.

What penalties are possible for heroin possession convictions?

The heroin epidemic is one that can't be denied. Unfortunately, the criminal justice system is much more geared toward punishing adults who are addicted to this drug than it is to helping them to address the underlying addiction that is forcing them to continue using the drug.

One of the most frightening things for a person who is addicted to drugs is to be arrested because this means a sudden withdrawal from the drugs. This can be life-threatening, but it is certainly reality for some people. As the journey through the criminal justice system moves forward, the person will have to face the possibilities that are coming.

Ways drinking and driving can affect the future

You may not think that having a couple of beers or a mixed drink or two is enough to cause you problems when you get behind the wheel of your car, but it is a risk that could lead to an OWI conviction.

If you are not successful at fighting the charges, the resulting conviction can lead to points on your driving record, and the conviction can continue to follow you, possibly disrupting your plans for the future.

Impaired driving stems from a host of substances

Impaired driving is a serious matter because it can lead to serious injuries and criminal charges. What many people don't realize is that alcohol isn't the only substance that can lead to this type of criminal charge. For some individuals, drugs are going to be the impairing substance.

When it comes to impaired driving charges that stem from drugs, there are many possibilities that can occur. The drugs that can cause you to be impaired can be illegal substances, prescription drugs and over-the-counter medications. Even something as seemingly harmless as taking an antihistamine for allergies can lead to criminal charges.

Know your options for your criminal justice defense

Being accused of any crime isn't something that you hope to experience in your lifetime, but things sometimes happen that lead to that. When you are facing criminal charges, there are some points that you need to think about right away. One of these is that you need to get moving on your defense right away. Trying to put this off could lead to a rushed defense that might not be the best one for your case.

When we are working on your defense, we need to know the facts of the case. We have to present a fully honest account to the jury, but how we tell this story can have a big impact on the outcome. You have to remember that our goal for your case is to call the prosecutor's case into question. If we do this, and the jury reasonably doubts that you could have done the crime, you will likely be found not guilty.

Drug tests are included in many probation cases

People who are on probation often have very strict rules to follow. While some rules apply to everyone, such as the requirement to avoid future legal issues, some others are based on the person's conviction and lifestyle. One of the possible requirements is that you will undergo drug testing.

When the probation office requires you to go through drug tests, there are specific things that you should remember. There is a good chance that you will be tested each time you report to your probation officer. You might also be called in for random drug tests. You have to take all of these drug tests or you risk having to face a probation violation.

Beware: Tempers tend to flare more during the summer

While you might think that you are more likely to become agitated during the winter months when you are cooped up in the house because of the snow, this might not be the case. For many people, the summer months come with an increase in agitation. There are several reasons why this might happen, but the results can be troubling regardless of these reasons.

One thing that is known is that the hotter it is outside, the more likely that people are going to be more testy. This is likely increased when the weather is more humid outside.

Prescriptions can lead to serious drug charges

Many people assume that all drug charges are the result of illegal drugs, but it is possible to face drug charges in connection with prescription drugs. When a doctor writes a prescription, many factors, including the patient's age, weight and condition, are all considered. These individualized factors make it unsafe for another person to take any medicine prescribed for the patient.

If you are carrying around prescription drugs, they need to remain in the package provided by the pharmacy wit your name and other identifying information on it. Without this, there is a chance that the drugs could end up landing you in criminal court.

Drug schedules are important in many drug cases

Many drugs are divided into specific schedules that are included in the Controlled Substances Act. This law was implemented in 1970 by President Richard Nixon in an effort to make the hundreds of drug laws on the books easier to keep track of.

As a result of the CSA, there are five schedules that are based on the medical benefits and potential for abuse. The lower the number, the more addictive the drug and the less likely it is to have any medical benefits.

Avoid divorce mistakes that can disrupt financial security

If you are facing divorce, you hope it will be over quickly, but you know there are going to be issues to resolve, especially with regard to property division. The more assets you have, the more complicated divorce becomes, but you just want to get out of the marriage. Do not be too hasty; you might make a mistake that could cost you financially.

Dealing with guilt

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