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Domestic violence encompasses many forms

Domestic violence cases involve people who live in the same home or family members. Instances of domestic violence can also occur between former partners who share a child or who were once in a relationship. It is imperative that you fully understand exactly what comprises domestic abuse so that you can avoid being accused of it. If something does happen and you are charged with domestic abuse, this information might affect your defense strategies.

Reasonable suspicion is vital in drunk driving cases

This Easter weekend, people are going to head out to gatherings with family members and friends. Making sure that you have a suitable way to get home is imperative if the gathering will include alcoholic beverage offerings. One thing that you shouldn't ever do is assume that you are sober enough to make it home after you've had a couple of drinks.

Not all criminal cases are eligible for a jury trial

One of the fundamental rights of a person who is charged with a crime is that they can have a jury trial. What some people might not realize is that this doesn't necessarily apply to everyone. There are some cases in which a defendant might not be able to have one, but they may have a bench trial instead. A bench trial is one in which each side presents their case to the judge. That judge then decides the outcome of the case.

Compliance with parole terms can keep you out of more trouble

A person who is on parole has to lead a law-abiding life or they run the risk of being placed back in prison. For many, the terms of the program are hard to live with. This is done on purpose because the courts want to ensure that the individuals will be productive citizens when they are done with their sentence.

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