Compliance with parole terms can keep you out of more trouble

A person who is on parole has to lead a law-abiding life or they run the risk of being placed back in prison. For many, the terms of the program are hard to live with. This is done on purpose because the courts want to ensure that the individuals will be productive citizens when they are done with their sentence.

Some of the rules of the parole program might seem harsh. For example, you can’t just quit your job because you don’t like it. Having stable employment is usually a requirement of the program. The same is true for housing. You might also be forbidden from traveling outside of a certain area, and you may not be able to associate with people who have pending criminal cases or who have been found guilty of felony charges.

When you go to see your parole officer, they will let you know the terms of the program. Ideally, you will receive a written list so that you can refer back to it throughout your time on parole. Make sure that you fully understand it. Ask questions if necessary. You can face a parole violation even if you broke a rule that you weren’t aware of.

We know that this is a trying thing to go through. The good news is that parole usually has a specific time limit, so you can look forward to the day you can walk away from the program. Until then, follow the rules. If you do have a parole violation, you will have to stand before a judge in a bench trial. We can work with you to show your side of the matter to the court.