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Officers sometimes use reasonable suspicion to initiate a stop

Now that the warmer months are here, people are going to be out enjoying bonfires and outdoor activities with friends. There are many things that go on at these events. One of them is that alcoholic beverages might be present. If this is the case, anyone who is driving must ensure that they avoid the drinks or they might run the risk of facing a drunk driving charge.

Your drug defense must be based on facts

A drug crime defense, like all defenses, must be based on facts. How you present those might be the key to your defense. When you have this type of charge, you have to look at what you might be able to do for the defense because your options will depend largely on the circumstances of the case.

Could your divorce lead to domestic violence charges?

Family law and criminal law sometimes intersect, and it frequently occurs during a divorce when one spouse accuses the other of domestic violence. That definitely escalates the situation between the parties and makes civil resolution far more difficult.

Annulments for criminal records have specific requirements

In New Hampshire, criminal record expungements are known as annulments. There are very strict requirements for records to be annulled. Understanding some of the requirements might help you determine whether your case may qualify or not. It is important to remember that the court has great discretion about whether to grant the petition or not.

Drunk driving crashes can lead to serious legal problems

Being charged with drunk driving is a very serious matter. While many people face this situation, there are some people who have more to worry about than just the drunk driving charge. When there is a wreck that involves a drunk driver, there can be other matters that the defendant has to worry about.

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