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Probation and parole programs include personalized elements

Parole and probation programs are community monitoring programs that enable the person who is on parole or probation to be out in society while he or she completes his or her court-ordered sentence. The person's goings and comings are monitored by an officer within the community correction program. All of these programs come with strict rules, but they can vary depending on what the participant needs.

Domestic violence accusations demand attention

Criminal justice matters are very important for the men and women who are facing them. You can't look at the fact that you are facing a criminal charge as a mere inconvenience. Instead, you need to take these matters seriously. We can help you cover your bases when it comes to your defense planning so you can answer to these charges.

Money matters might come up in domestic violence cases

Domestic violence criminal charges are usually based on physical abuse, but there is a good chance that other forms of abuse will come up in the proceedings. If you are being charged with any type of domestic violence, you need to know some of the finer points about other types that might come up in your case. One of these is financial abuse.

Look at the specific points in a drug crime case

Not all criminal charges are created equally. In fact, even when you only consider drug charges, you will come to notice that there are very different charges and penalties for different crimes. This is something that can make coming up with a defense against drug charges difficult. We can help you work through the complexities so you can get your defense plan moving forward.

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