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April 2018 Archives

Understand what a criminal record expungement can do for you

Having a criminal record can mean that you have some very limited options in some areas of your life. For example, you might find that it is difficult to find a job or an apartment based solely on your criminal history. Some people who have a case that meets specific requirements might be able to have their record expunged.

Facing drug charges comes with choices and possible consequences

We recently discussed how a drug conviction can impact your eligibility for federal financial aid. This educational roadblock can have an impact on your career possibilities, but so can the fact that you have a drug conviction on your record. Many employers do criminal background checks, which can mean that your options are very limited if you have a drug-related conviction on your record.

What are some signs my spouse is hiding assets?

If you are getting ready to file for divorce in the Derry area, chances are you have little to no trust in your spouse. As much as you want to believe that he or she will do the right thing and cooperate during the divorce process, you do not want to risk losing out on your fair share of the marital property. One thing you might not realize, especially if you have been planning to divorce for a while, is the possibility of your partner hiding assets. 

Drug convictions and federal student aid eligibility

There are many ways that a drug conviction can impact your future. One of these has to do with getting financial aid after the conviction. You might find that you have to take some extra steps if you are trying to get federal student aid. There are a few factors that come into the picture when you are trying to determine how a drug conviction might affect your chances of going back to school.

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