Facing drug charges comes with choices and possible consequences

On Behalf of | Apr 11, 2018 | Drug Crime Defense, Firm News

We recently discussed how a drug conviction can impact your eligibility for federal financial aid. This educational roadblock can have an impact on your career possibilities, but so can the fact that you have a drug conviction on your record. Many employers do criminal background checks, which can mean that your options are very limited if you have a drug-related conviction on your record.

There is a common urban legend believed by many that if your drug charge is a misdemeanor, then you won’t have any consequences to deal with. While it is true that a misdemeanor conviction won’t have the same consequences as a felony, you will still face some just because you have a criminal history.

We understand that you might have some questions about how you can minimize these consequences. One option that people in New Hampshire might be able to take advantage of is drug court. This program is a chance to get sober and live a life without participating in criminal activities.

Not everyone will qualify for drug court, but it can help many people to start living the life they deserve. It combines the need for a drug addict to get help with an oversight from the court that provides accountability for the choices that are made in the program.

We realize that drug court isn’t right for everyone. It is only going to be successful for people who want to accept the help of the program. We can help you to evaluate your case and work toward the resolution that you feel is best for you, whether this is drug court, a plea deal or a trial.