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November 2018 Archives

Don't let holiday stress lead to domestic violence

The winter holidays are very tense times for some families. The stress level is increased over what is common during other parts of the year. There are a few reasons for this. People might get upset that the finances are so tight right now. Having to plan for family gatherings might be intense. Things might be even more insane than usual at work. All of these can come together to make you feel irritable. We understand, but try to find ways to keep your cool.

Drug paraphernalia can impact your future

There are many charges that a person who is using drugs might face if they are pulled over during a traffic stop. One of these is a drug paraphernalia charge. You might think of this as a minor charge; however, you can still face serious penalties for it. Still, it is likely better to only be charged with paraphernalia than with actual drugs.

Making a valid will in New Hampshire

Estate planning happens to be one of the tasks many people tend to put off. However, devoting some attention to this matter long before you think it will become necessary can ensure that, when the time does come, there will be a solid plan in place for your beneficiaries.

4 tips for probationers and parolees to avoid alcohol

The holiday season is one that is synonymous with parties of all sorts. Many of these will include adult beverages. For people who are on probation or parole, alcohol is often off limits due to the random drug and alcohol tests, as well as the terms of the programs.

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