4 tips for probationers and parolees to avoid alcohol

The holiday season is one that is synonymous with parties of all sorts. Many of these will include adult beverages. For people who are on probation or parole, alcohol is often off limits due to the random drug and alcohol tests, as well as the terms of the programs.

There are many alternatives to consuming alcohol at these parties or during any social events. Finding the avoidance techniques that work for you might take some trial and error. Just remember that compliance with the program terms will help you stay out of new legal trouble.

Consider these tips to help you avoid alcohol during this season:

Bring a friend to the party with you

This should be someone who is willing and able to tell you that you can’t have any alcohol. Just remember that you can’t get mad when you are told to keep your hands off these drinks.

Have an escape plan in case you are too tempted

This might be driving your own vehicle, so you can leave at will or having a ridesharing app on your phone so you can have someone come to pick you up.

Avoid parties that you know will focus primarily on alcohol

Not all holiday parties fall into this category, so you will likely be able to attend some.

Bring your own beverages

This is one of the few ways that you can ensure there will be something for you to drink. Sparkling apple cider is a good alternative to alcohol. The festive beverage can often be found in individual serving-sized glass bottles. Nonalcoholic eggnog is another good option.

Your probation or parole term is going to end eventually. Until it ends, you must follow the rules. If you do slip up, you might face a probation violation that requires you to defend yourself directly to a judge.