Domestic violence encompasses many forms

Domestic violence cases involve people who live in the same home or family members. Instances of domestic violence can also occur between former partners who share a child or who were once in a relationship. It is imperative that you fully understand exactly what comprises domestic abuse so that you can avoid being accused of it. If something does happen and you are charged with domestic abuse, this information might affect your defense strategies.

Domestic violence comes in many forms. Many people focus on the physical manifestation of it, but it is possible to also inflict emotional, psychological or economic abuse. Some domestic abuse can involve sexual abuse. Cyberstalking or traditional stalking are also sometimes part of these cases.

Some people assume that domestic violence victims are always women and men are always the aggressors, but this isn’t always the case. It is fully possible for men to be victims, and relationships of all forms can involve domestic violence.

In many instances, domestic violence cases pit one person’s word against the other’s. There is sometimes evidence refuting or indicating the guilt of the alleged abuser, but a good portion of many cases is he-said-she-said allegations. Determining how you can dispute the claims against you can be challenging, partly because you can’t attack the person who is making the statements for the prosecution.

When you considering the possible defense strategies open to you, be sure that your criminal defense attorney thoroughly reviews the prosecution’s evidence in the case. Doing this can help you focus on weaker areas where you may be able to figuratively poke holes in their case against you.