Facing drug charges? A good criminal defense is a good offense

Law enforcement officials here in Derry and throughout New Hampshire take drug crimes seriously. If you are under investigation or under arrest for drug charges, you will need to work quickly to protect your rights. Criminal defense counsel can help do that and otherwise represent you in court, if necessary.

Without representation, you could face the maximum penalty for whatever drug charges you face. Even a conviction for a misdemeanor could negatively impact your life. Even if you do not spend any time in jail, it could affect your job and/or home life.

It simply makes good sense to have someone on your side as soon as possible. You do not have to be arrested to need assistance. If you are under investigation, you have rights. When law enforcement officials fail to follow established procedures, any evidence gathered could be compromised.

Upon arrest, the contact you have with police must follow certain policies and procedures. Your attorney will assess whether your rights were protected at every step from the beginning of an investigation through your arrest. Secondly, your counsel will most likely investigate and review the circumstances surrounding your case in order to prepare a defense to any charges that could be filed.

A good criminal defense can be the best offense. The goal will be to ensure that the charges affect your life as little as possible. A favorable outcome might be achieved if the process is begun at the first opportunity. Understanding all of your rights and options in connection with the charges could help reduce the stress that you — like most people here in Derry — probably feel during such a time.