Automatic protective order issued on man, wife wants it lifted

A woman filed a request to have a protective order that was issued after a domestic incident lifted. The woman, who was said to have been held at gunpoint by her husband, claims that he never hurt her. She said that she didn’t fear for her life.

The protective order was issued automatically after a 911 call was made by the couple’s adult daughter. The daughter said that her father and mother were arguing when he pulled on a gun on the mother. Another call came into 911 from the daughter saying that the gun was pointed at her mother’s head.

The man is facing charges for reckless conduct and domestic violence-related criminal threatening. It was noted that his wife was in fear of “imminent body injury” as a result of his actions. He surrendered to police about 30 minutes after they arrived at the residence.

In her petition to have the protective order lifted, the woman says that her daughter escalated the issue and that she doesn’t fear for her life when she is around him. She says that he is amazing and has a good heart.

The protective order forbids him from contacting his wife or his daughter. After his arrest, he was released from jail on a bail of $10,000. The judge hadn’t ruled on the motion to lift the order as of the date the story was published.

This brings up an interesting point about domestic violence charges. The victim isn’t always the person who takes action when there is an alleged issue. If you are facing domestic violence charges, you might need to find out what options you have for fighting back against charges that the alleged victim doesn’t think you deserve.

Source: Union Leader, “Woman says husband has ‘never hurt her,’ wants order of protection lifted,” Jason Schreiber, Dec. 05, 2016