Criminal defense in sexual assault cases

When Derry residents are accused of sexual assault, the ways in which it can affect their lives are numerous. More than just their freedom is at stake since many people convicted of sex crimes are required to register as sex offenders, which can restrict where they live and how others perceive them long after they have “served their time.” That is why enlisting the help of a criminal defense attorney is essential. These cases can be complex, and attempting to go it alone can have lifelong repercussions. 

For example, a man was recently taken into custody after a woman came forward to make allegations against him that he sexually assaulted her. According to reports, the woman — who is acquainted with the man in custody — claims that he raped her. After the alleged incident, she claims that she went to a hospital in her area for help.

Based on her allegations, police tracked the man down, and officials say that he resisted their efforts to take him into custody. He is facing charges of resisting arrest and detention, obstructing government administration and aggravated felonious sexual assault. It is unknown whether hospital personnel obtained a rape kit, but the results might only indicate that the two had sexual relations, if any evidence of such activity was found.

Criminal defense teams are allowed to review the evidence — including statements of the alleged victim and any other potential witnesses — that prosecutors here in Derry and elsewhere in New Hampshire intend to present in sexual assault cases. Reviewing the evidence and statements can help ascertain whether the rights of the accused person were violated at any point and highlight any inconsistencies in the evidence or statements regarding the incident. Once an assessment of the situation is made, the options that provide the best possible outcome can be explored.

Source:, “Nashua man faces sexual assault, other charges“, Oct. 3, 2016