Criminal defense: Mother with toddler in car charged with DUI

On Behalf of | Apr 27, 2016 | DWI/DUI Defense, Firm News

Being arrested for drunk driving in Derry may cause significant concern to the accused person, especially if it is a first arrest and the individual does not know what to expect. Any accused individual has the right to retain the services of an attorney, regardless of the circumstances of the case. A New Hampshire woman who was recently arrested may need a skilled criminal defense attorney, especially because she is also accused of endangering a child.

According to a police report, a call was received on a recent Tuesday night to alert authorities to a driver who seemed to be driving while nearly asleep. Officers located the driver and pulled the 27-year-old mother from Goffstown over. The report alleges that the woman’s daughter, age 4, was sitting in the back seat without being restrained.

The driver reportedly failed a field sobriety test, and, upon searching the vehicle, officers claim to have seized four different types of prescription medication, along with two straws. The child was collected from the police station by her grandmother. The mother was arrested, and she is now facing several charges related to driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs, possession of controlled substances, and endangering the life of a child.

An experienced criminal defense attorney in Derry who is skilled in defending individuals who are accused of DUI may navigate a case such as this one in a manner that will yield the most favorable outcome under the circumstances. A lawyer will scrutinize the procedures used during the field sobriety tests and the arrest, and the mother will have the opportunity to challenge the evidence that is presented against her. Only when – and if – the prosecution can prove the woman’s guilt beyond a reasonable doubt can she be convicted.

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