Criminal defense: NH man accused of domestic threatening

Domestic violence can take on many forms and need not involve physical abuse or assault to constitute a criminal offense. Whenever an individual in Derry or another part of New Hampshire is accused of domestic violence, it makes sense to retain the services of an attorney. A seasoned criminal defense lawyer will work to protect the client’s legal rights while pursuing a favorable result.

A Manchester woman recently claimed that her former boyfriend threatened to shoot her. She reportedly told police that these threats came after she refused to let the man enter her apartment. She alleged that she heard a gun being fired on the premises of the apartment complex where she lives. She reported that she found a bullet hole in the windshield of her car; however, she did not know who fired the gun.

It is further alleged that the ex-boyfriend sent a text message threatening to shoot up her apartment if she refused to let him enter the apartment. She said an emoji of a gun accompanied the text message, along with a request asking her not to report the incident to the police. The man was located at a restaurant in the area, and he was arrested on charges of domestic criminal threatening along with witness tampering related to the message asking her not to contact the police.

With the support and guidance of an experienced New Hampshire criminal defense attorney, the accused person’s rights can be protected while the allegations are contested. Whether criminal charges are brought in Derry or another part of the state, the burden of proof is on the prosecution to prove the accusations in court and beyond a reasonable doubt. Sometimes, the possibility of a plea agreement with prosecutors may offer a defendant the opportunity to plead guilty to a specified offense in exchange for favorable sentencing consideration by the court. However, each cash is unique, and the decision to accept or reject any plea deal proffered by the prosecution rests solely with the person accused.

Source:, “Man arrested after texting gun emoji to ex-girlfriend, police say“, April 14, 2016