Overcome the challenge of an alcohol-free holiday

The holiday season is one that is associated with parties of various types. Many of these parties will include alcohol, but this is a no-no for a person who is on probation or parole. It is imperative that you remain sober for the entire holiday season if you are on paper.

There are several ways that you can increase the likelihood that you will stay away from alcohol. One of the best might be to think about what a drink could cost you. If you are forbidden from consuming alcohol, a single drink could mean that you are going to be back in prison or jail because your probation or parole officer could file a case for a violation.

Instead of heading out to the parties that you know will have alcohol, you could try to find some new traditions to enjoy. If you aren’t around alcohol, you can’t be tempted to drink it.

If you are going to have to go to a party where there will be alcohol, you can bring a trusted friend or family member with you. Make sure that this person will be an advocate for you. This includes reminding you that you shouldn’t drink, so the person must be able to take a stand against you if it comes to that.

Sometimes, things happen even when you don’t want them to. If something happens and you find that you are facing a probation or parole violation because of drinking alcohol at a holiday function, make sure that you take the violation seriously. Your future might depend on it.

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