Does court-mandated rehab work?

On Behalf of | Jun 3, 2024 | Drug Crime Defense

Court-mandated rehab is a program that sends defendants facing drug charges to a treatment facility instead of jail. The state uses this method to help individuals beat addiction, lower repeat offenses and promote long-term recovery.

Some question the value of this approach. However, experience has shown that court-ordered rehab can be a more positive and cost-effective alternative to harsh punishment.

Those who are eligible for court-mandated rehab in New Hampshire

In New Hampshire, court-ordered rehab is mainly for people with charges of nonviolent drug crimes. Such individuals can have their cases go through one of the state’s drug and mental health courts. To determine if a person is eligible, the state looks at their criminal history, how serious their addiction is and if they have tried treatment before.

First-time offenders or those willing to join a rehab program are more likely to receive this option. The goal is to give people a chance to recover and stop future crimes. The court also checks if the individual has a support system, like family or community help.

When court-ordered rehab works and when it might not

Court-ordered rehab can work well under certain conditions. The primary factor is whether the person wants to change and take part in the program. Support from family and community resources is also key. Furthermore, tailored programs for specific addiction problems often see better results.

However, rehab might not work if the person lacks motivation or refuses to participate fully. Poorly designed programs that do not offer enough support could also fail. Relapse rates are higher when people join rehab because they feel forced, not because they want to change.

Rehab can often be a better option for defendants in drug cases. It offers a real chance for recovery and getting back into society, cutting down on the chances of another offense. By tackling the root causes of the disease of drug addiction, court-ordered rehab aims to end the cycle of abuse and crime. Additionally, it makes communities safer and healthier.