Plan ahead to avoid DWIs

On Behalf of | Feb 6, 2023 | DWI/DUI Defense

The joyous times of holidays, Spring Break, and gatherings, in general, can lead to increased carelessness. Though having a few drinks is often a part of the festivities, partygoers should also have a safe time.

Anyone who heads out during celebrations can keep the following tips in mind to stay safe and avoid a DWI.

Designating a driver ahead of time

Common recommendations for drinkers include enlisting the help of a friend who agrees not to partake in alcohol. It is illegal to drive in New Hampshire with a blood-alcohol content at or above 0.08%. Having someone sober around can ensure friends can arrive home safely.

Since the friend is likely making a sacrifice to accommodate others, the others should show genuine appreciation in some way. If a person cannot find an acquaintance to handle the assignment, prepare to use public transportation or call a ridesharing service.

Knowing one’s limits

Even if a person is not planning to drive, having too much can lead to poor decision-making. An inconvenience might lead an inebriated individual to decide to drive anyway.

Age, weight, height, gender and food consumption can affect how alcohol affects a person. Each individual should be able to determine when to stop.

Understanding one’s rights

The police may pull an individual over who had a little to drink. The person may not feel intoxicated but still may not trust the breath test and decide to refuse it. Refusal results in an automatic license suspension but could potentially leave open a stronger defense during the subsequent hearing.

Everyone deserves a chance to celebrate, but harmful incidents will quickly ruin the good times. The preceding pointers are fine reminders for avoiding an unfortunate DWI.