Reckless vs negligent driving in New Hampshire

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When a New Hampshire motorist operates a vehicle in a way that poses a risk to other people, they could face major consequences for reckless or negligent driving.

Drivers need to understand these traffic offenses and the associated penalties before venturing out on the road.

Reckless vs negligent driving

Reckless driving refers to a broad range of driving behaviors that endanger the public. The driver must be aware that their actions could harm or kill someone but choose to ignore the risk. Street racing and driving at excessive speeds both fall under this category.

With negligent driving, a motorist also operates a vehicle in a way that could harm others but is typically unaware of the danger that their behavior poses to other people.

Penalties for reckless or negligent driving

Neither of these traffic violations is a criminal offense in New Hampshire. This means that drivers will not face jail time if found guilty. However, both still carry other serious penalties.

Reckless drivers could see a 60-day license suspension and a minimum $500 fine. A negligent driving violation can lead to a $250 fine. Penalties increase with subsequent convictions.

These offenses will add points to a motorist’s driving record. Too many points will result in a suspended license. Additionally, a conviction will likely cause insurance premiums to increase.

Motorists who risk the lives of others could face substantial consequences. To avoid paying fines and losing driving privileges, drivers should follow all traffic laws and use caution when operating a vehicle.