Why do I need a lawyer for a traffic violation?

On Behalf of | Apr 28, 2021 | Blog

You may not immediately think about calling a lawyer in the wake of receiving a New Hampshire traffic ticket, but, depending on circumstances, doing so may prove helpful to your case. A speeding ticket or another type of traffic violation has the potential to impact your license and finances, but you may be able to take steps to minimize the damage it causes.

How might hiring an attorney help you fight a speeding ticket or traffic violation?

By helping you gather evidence

Having physical evidence or proof that you were not speeding is a key factor in winning your case. An attorney might be able to help you find evidence that backs up your claim through obtaining dashcam videos or securing GPS data from your smartphone, among other possible examples.

By questioning the accuracy of speed-enforcement equipment

A traffic ticket attorney may also investigate any equipment law enforcement used to track your speed to develop a better sense of its accuracy. If there are any known defects or issues surrounding the accuracy of the equipment used to clock you, it may help your case.

By formulating questions for the officer who ticketed you

A lawyer may also help you prepare for court and practice any questions you plan to ask the officer who gave you the ticket.

Depending on the severity of the ticket, a traffic ticket has the potential to lead to hundreds or even thousands of dollars in fines. It may, too, increase your insurance rates. If you hire a lawyer and he or she is successful in defending your case, you may pay much less than you would after factoring in both the ticket and your elevated insurance rates.