What are the most common months for divorce filings?

On Behalf of | Jan 17, 2021 | Family Law

The timing of a couple’s divorce may come as a surprise to those who know them. Perhaps they were especially good at hiding their issues from family and friends. 

Overall, there is a seasonality to divorce filings. There are some times of the year where family law courts in New Hampshire may experience an uptick in dissolution proceedings, while other times, the hallways remain empty. Discover those times when divorces seem to boom and some of the reasons why. 

The beginning of the year

The holidays are especially stressful when a couple is experiencing difficulties. A joyful time of year is often replete with stress revolving around family gatherings, travel, work, children and finances. When the calendar flips to a new year, separation and divorce filings tend to increase. Aside from the increased stress at year-end, people are more likely to set new goals to better their lives. If a marriage is already on the brink, these desires to become happier and healthier may lead to divorce court. 

The spring and summer

Some data suggests that divorce filings peak in the spring and then again at the end of summer. The theories behind the timing of these actions are different. For instance, some believe an increase in spring filings is due to the filing of federal taxes and, therefore, the gathering of financial information. The late summer filings may coincide with the start of a new school year. 

When faced with the prospect of a divorce, some people may decide to act quickly or wait it out. The wait-and-see approach may result in clogged courts and longer wait times to get the divorce granted.