Domestic violence cases are often emotional and complex

Domestic violence is a serious act of violence against a family member or someone who lives in the same household as you. While it is possible that these charges are based on the wrong perception of a situation, you should still be prepared to present a defense against the claims of the prosecutor. There are several things that come into the picture for these cases.

In most of these cases, there are physical injuries witnessed on the victim. These are usually well-documented through pictures and other evidence. The issue here is that the prosecutor will need to prove that you were the one who inflicted those injuries. This might prove to be problematic.

Not all domestic violence cases have to do with physical injuries. Some have to do with other forms of abuse, such as financial or emotional. These can be just as damaging to the victim, but they might be more difficult for the prosecution to prove.

You have to look at the facts of the case to determine what you need to do to combat the charges. In many cases, these are going to be very emotional cases because of the events and people involved. It is possible that the perceptions of what happened in the incident are going to vary greatly.

Sometimes, the victim might realize that you weren’t being abusive at the time of the event. If you have a restraining order in place, don’t break it if you reconcile. You must follow it until it is removed. Contrary to popular belief, the victim at the center of the case isn’t able to have charges dropped, so don’t think that reconciliation is going to be the answer to your legal woes.