Some probationers will have to submit to monitoring

There are many conditions that are set on a person who is on probation. These are determined by the court and by the community supervision officer. One of the possible conditions is that a person may have to use a monitoring device.

There are three types of monitors that might be used. The one that is used is often chosen based on the circumstances of the case.

  • Global positioning system: The person is monitored using satellites that have a time and location as part of the report.
  • Voice recognition: Random phone calls verify that a person is in a location where they are supposed to be at that time. This is often used for people who are on home detention or who have a set curfew.
  • Radio frequency: Technology alerts the monitoring office when a person leaves a specific area. Ankle monitors are one of the common types of devices used with RF monitoring. The downside to this is that it doesn’t follow the person when they leave the monitoring area.

Anyone who is on probation should ensure that they are in compliance with the terms of the program. This includes wearing a monitor if required, as well as limiting yourself only to approved areas. If you are bound by a curfew, you should be sure that you are in the location when it is time.

If you don’t comply with all the terms, you may face a probation violation. Unfortunately, this means that you will likely stand before the judge in a bench trial. You may face some serious consequences if you are found to be in violation.