Job hunt challenges after a domestic violence conviction

Many life impacts come after a domestic violence conviction. One of the most profound for most people is that they have trouble finding a job. Many employers do background checks on potential employees. Since domestic violence is considered a violent crime, many types of jobs are off limits to someone with this type of conviction.

When you start your job search, look for jobs that aren’t going to put you around people who are considered vulnerable. These include the elderly, children and those who are disabled. You also won’t be able to do a job that requires you to carry a weapon. You may not be able to do a job that requires you to have a trade or professional license.

If there is a job that you want to do but aren’t sure if you will be able to do it, you can contact the licensing agency or someone who is involved in the industry and knows the requirements for the job. In some cases, the amount of time since the conviction might have a part in whether you can hold a specific position or not. While this might not help you right now, it could be beneficial in the future.

Another thing to consider when you are trying to find a job after this type of conviction is that you may not be able to start with a higher-level position. You might need to start out at an entry-level position so you can show the employer that you are trustworthy. This will impact your income; however, it is probably preferable to not having an income at all.