Your defense strategy impacts a DUI case considerably

On Behalf of | Sep 26, 2018 | DWI/DUI Defense, Firm News

A person who drives drunk is going to face a lengthy court process because of the charges. They might not face this the first time they drive drunk; however, they will probably be caught eventually. If you are accused of drunk driving, you need to think about your options so that you can decide what to do. These decisions are important and some are time sensitive so starting your defense plan quickly is imperative.

We know that this isn’t an easy spot for you to be in. You might be wondering about the criminal penalties and the other ways that the issue might impact you. These vary greatly. You might have to pay an increase in your insurance premiums. It is possible that you may lose your license. Fines and time in jail are also possible.

There are several things that can come up in these cases. You might have aspects of your case that can change the options that you have. We can look into the specifics and help you figure out what you can do to address the matters at hand. Once we know what these are and find out what you want to do, we can put a defense strategy together for you.

As you think about your defense strategy, consider how the choices you make now are going to affect you now and later in your life. Ultimately, you have to do what you feel is best for you. You are the person in charge of the case while we will help you along the way.