Ways drinking and driving can affect the future

On Behalf of | Jul 3, 2018 | Firm News

You may not think that having a couple of beers or a mixed drink or two is enough to cause you problems when you get behind the wheel of your car, but it is a risk that could lead to an OWI conviction.

If you are not successful at fighting the charges, the resulting conviction can lead to points on your driving record, and the conviction can continue to follow you, possibly disrupting your plans for the future.

Looking for work

If your job requires you to drive a truck or a company car, you could be out of work when your employer learns that you have an OWI conviction. Furthermore, that mark on your record means that finding another position might be difficult. A company is more likely to hire an applicant with a clean record.

School woes

If you are submitting applications to colleges, you may find that some are turning you down for admission because of that mark on your record. If you are planning a career as a teacher or a nurse, you might have to go in another direction. Because of your OWI conviction, you may find yourself disqualified from any occupation that requires certification or state licensing.

Background checks

Among the reasons you might not be successful when you apply for a new job or for college admittance is that nearly every recruiter and human resources professional today runs background checks. When that happens, your OWI conviction automatically surfaces. If your OWI misdemeanor became a felony because a child was with you in the car or you were responsible for bodily injury or property damage, the mark will stay on your record permanently.

Insurance costs

Because of your OWI conviction, your auto insurance company may list you as a high-risk driver. The agency may raise your rates significantly or even cancel your policy altogether. If your driver’s license was suspended, you will need to show proof of insurance to get it back.