How does housing pose a problem for parolees?

There are many challenges that come with being released from prison on parole. One of these is that you have to find suitable housing. This can be difficult because of the prejudices that people have against felons, especially those who are fresh out of prison.

Finding housing is one of the conditions of parole. This is so that the parole officers know where to make contact with you. Sometimes, parolees are able to find housing in a halfway house. When that isn’t possible or desirable, you will have to find a place of your own or find a suitable home with family members or friends.

Why is it so hard to find housing?

Many rental companies do criminal history checks. These can mean that you aren’t able to get housing in these places due to your record. There is a chance that some private landlords might not do the checks, so you may be able to find one who is willing to take the chance on letting you rent from them.

Are there any considerations in these cases?

The type of charge that you were convicted of can have an impact on what housing is available to you. Some charges, including sex-related crimes and violent crimes, will make it more difficult. There are some instances in which you might be able to show that you have made a change in your life and people might be willing to help you out.

Ultimately, you need to let your parole officer know what’s going on. This might help you to avoid violating your parole because of your housing situation or lack thereof. A parole violation isn’t ever something you want to face.