Homosexual male partners can be victims of domestic violence

Poor stereotypes often portray gay men as being more docile than their straight-male counterparts. A study that was done at the University of Michigan found that male couples are just as likely to involve domestic violence as opposite sex ones.

This study was unique in a way — it considered the answers of both men in the relationship. Other studies have focused on only one party or on females. With the information presented in the American Journal of Men’s Health, hopefully more awareness will be raised about this troubling issue.

Almost half of the 320 respondents, who were members of 160 couples, reported that they had experienced intimate partner violence within the past year. This encompasses factors like controlling behavior, physical abuse, emotional abuse and sexual violence.

Another interesting point to note is that if you only consider physical abuse and sexual violence, 25 to 30 percent reported those factors. This is about equal to what is present in opposite-sex couples.

There are many factors that might contribute to the presence of abuse in these relationships. Drug abuse, finances and unemployment that are possible in all relationships. Same-sex couples might also have to worry about the stress that homophobia causes.

In some cases, internalized homophobia on the part of the abusive partner might be a factor. When a man struggles with his identity, there is a chance that he will take that uncertainty out on a person he is close to.

Domestic violence accusations must be taken seriously by all parties involved. Learning about the defense options you have might help you to determine how you are going to address the case against you.