Know your options for your criminal justice defense

Being accused of any crime isn’t something that you hope to experience in your lifetime, but things sometimes happen that lead to that. When you are facing criminal charges, there are some points that you need to think about right away. One of these is that you need to get moving on your defense right away. Trying to put this off could lead to a rushed defense that might not be the best one for your case.

When we are working on your defense, we need to know the facts of the case. We have to present a fully honest account to the jury, but how we tell this story can have a big impact on the outcome. You have to remember that our goal for your case is to call the prosecutor’s case into question. If we do this, and the jury reasonably doubts that you could have done the crime, you will likely be found not guilty.

Of course, there are cases in which defendants acknowledge that they did commit the crime, but the circumstances might not have left much of a choice. We aren’t here to judge you based on your case. We just want to help you with your defense.

If you do agree that you did the crime, you might consider a plea deal. This could reduce the length of time it takes for your case to move through the court system. You might have some control over the consequence that you are going to face because of the matter, which might also be beneficial to you. We can help you evaluate the options and choose a course of action.