Criminal defense matters have to be considered carefully

Criminal justice matters must be taken seriously, even when there doesn’t seem to be any substance to them. No matter what the charge, there are serious penalties that can come if you are convicted. In some cases, even a charge without a conviction can change your life considerably.

We know that the fight or flight instinct might come up when you learn that you are facing criminal charges. When the flight instinct is the one that kicks in, you will have to fight it. Trying to run from criminal charges isn’t ever a good idea. In fact, it can lead to other criminal charges being levied against you.

When you are facing criminal charges, such as those related to domestic violence, you need to get started on your defense quickly. This gives your attorney time to review the points in your case that you will need to focus on and come up with a plan to address those.

It is important that your defense is based on fact. The key to a criminal defense strategy is to tell the truth while phrasing that truth in a way that is favorable toward you. We can work with you to determine how we can do this.

No matter what type of charge you are facing, you need to take the case seriously. Be ready to work hard on your defense.

We are here to assist you, but you are the person who will need to come prepared to make decisions at every intersection. Your future and freedom depend on you being able to think clearly and make logical decisions. We are here to help.