Your holiday can be ruined by a DUI charge

On Behalf of | Nov 28, 2017 | DWI/DUI Defense, Firm News

In the previous blog post, some points to consider when coming up with a drunk driving defense were discussed. It is imperative that you think about how a drunk driving arrest might impact your season before you start your vehicle’s engine after you’ve been drinking alcohol.

One thing to remember about drinking during the holiday season is that many police departments initiate drunk driving checkpoints. Even if you aren’t showing any signs of being intoxicated, there is a good chance that you will be stopped at one of these checkpoints. Once you are stopped, the officer might be able to determine that you’ve been drinking.

There is a method to checkpoints that must be adhered to. The sequence of vehicles that are approached is predetermined. Make note of that and what you see going on before you reach the officers if you are in line for a checkpoint. This might help you to determine if you are being stopped in accordance with the sequence.

Not all DUI arrests happen because of checkpoints. You should try to avoid driving if you’ve had any alcohol to drink because it is almost impossible to gauge how it will impact your ability to drive. If you show any signs of impairment, no matter how small, there is a chance you will be pulled over.

A drunk driving arrest is the first event of many you will have with the criminal justice system. Throughout your case, you must ensure that you understand your options and keep a focus on your rights. You have to make sure you are making decisions that are in your best interests.

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