Domestic violence charges must be based on fact, not assumptions

Domestic violence accusations can come from innocent situations that are misunderstood. In some cases, this is because the alleged victim didn’t think about what he or she said and now you are facing criminal charges. This is a hard situation to be placed in, but it is something that does happen.

We understand that the impacts of a domestic violence accusation might be more than what you want to think about. These impacts include the obvious ones like time in jail and fines, but they can also include penalties that aren’t as common. For example, if you are convicted, you might be ordered to take anger management classes or you might lose your job.

The negative impacts of a conviction should be points that encourage you to work hard on building a defense strategy. Your defense has to be based on facts that you can prove, but it shouldn’t hinge on the alleged victim’s cooperation. One thing that some people believe since it happens in the movies is that you can make up with the victim and no charges will move forward.

In the real world, the victim wanting to drop the charges doesn’t impact the case once the charges are filed. The only way that the charges can be dropped after they are levied is if the prosecutor opts to drop them.

We realize that you might feel like your world is falling apart. We can help you to find ways to combat the charges so that you have a little more control over your life and what is going to happen with your case.