Plan your life carefully when you are on parole or probation

There are things that you have to think about when you are on probation or parole that don’t matter in other cases. When you are sentenced to probation upon conviction or released from prison on parole, you must ensure that you comply with all of the conditions that you are being held to. If you don’t follow these, you can face a violation that might land you right back in front of the judge.

One thing that is very important when you are on probation or parole is that you show your supervision officer that you are working to improve your life. The relationship that you have with this officer should be a professional relationship that is build on trust and mutual respect.

We know that this is a big life change for you. The thought of having someone to monitor every aspect of your life and thought of strangers being able to make decisions for you might not sit will with you. Remembering that this situation is temporary and that you will eventually be off of probation or parole might help you to adjust to these points of supervision.

Ultimately, the experience that you have when you are paper is going to be based on your actions and attitude. Instead of going into the program with a negative attitude, you can choose to have a positive attitude and focus on the fact that this is your chance to make a life change that will get you away from the criminal justice system.

We understand that things might happen while you are being supervised. If you end up facing a probation or parole violation, make sure that you learn about your options. We can help you get your defense together to fight these charges.