Crooked probation officers can make life difficult

People who are serving time on probation expect that their probation officers will be fair and just. In some cases, people get good probation officers who work to ensure that they have a fair shot at moving past their criminal matters. In other cases, the probation officers are crooked.

Probationers who are having to deal with a crooked probation officer might find that everything is difficult. The exact way that having a crooked probation officer can impact your time on probation depends on what type of crookedness probation officer uses.

Some cases of probation officer crookedness are especially troubling because of the circumstances. The officer might use his or her position and power to force a probationer into sexual acts. In other cases, the probationer might be forced to lie because of threats of filing probation violations.

There are several things that you need to do if you have a crooked probation officer. One of these is to find a lawyer who can help you with your case. Your probation officer might straighten up once he or she finds out that you do have legal representation at the ready.

You will likely need to gather evidence and file complaints about the probation officer with the appropriate agencies. Be careful when you do these, and be completely honest about what happened. Don’t fall into the temptation of making the situation seem worse than what it was.

If you do end up facing probation violations because you aren’t playing into the corruption, take the time to learn about your options for handling the situation. This isn’t always an easy feat, but you should do your best to answer to the issues.

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