Probation violations need firm defenses before the judge

Probation is a serious program that has strict restrictions for what you can and can’t do. When you don’t comply with the terms of the program, you can face a probation violation. This can mean that you have to stand before a judge. The judge will decide if you are guilty of the probation violation or not.

One thing to remember in these cases is that your repertoire with your probation officer can have a huge impact on what happens if you are accused of a probation violation. The probation officer can determine whether you are going to face a probation violation charge or if you will just get a warning.

You have to consider the fact that you won’t have a jury trial if you are charged with a probation violation. Instead, you will face the judge directly. The judge has the sole power to decide your fate. This means that if you are facing a probation violation, you need to have a strong argument about why you aren’t guilty of it before you go before the judge.

We understand that you might feel nervous about having to answer to the court. This is all the more reason for you to get started on your defense right away. You need time to plan and really think about your defense. We can help you evaluate the options that you have so that you can make a decision that suits your needs.

We need to think about what probation term you are accused of violating, as well as what defense strategies you might have available to you. All of this can help us as we plan your side.