Domestic violence charges can’t be ignored

Domestic violence charges can shake you to your core. Knowing that you and someone you love have a wedge between you over something that was probably a stupid disagreement is disheartening. Now, you have to face the fact that criminal charges have been levied against you.

Domestic violence charges have some very specific concerns that you have to think about. You might be facing time in prison, fines and the possibility of not being able to return home. Most domestic violence cases involve restraining orders that prevent you from being able to be around the person who you allegedly attacked. The order might also keep you away from your children. You must know that violating the order can lead to more issues in the criminal justice system.

You should also know that domestic violence doesn’t always mean physical attacks. Domestic violence can also include financial abuse, emotional abuse or even sexual attacks. You should find out which of these points are included in the case against you so that you can determine how you should handle your case.

Remember that you don’t have to be married to face domestic violence charges. You can face these charges regardless of your marital status if you live with the alleged victim or have a child with the alleged victim.

Be sure that you think about how a conviction in your case might impact your future. Some consequences, such as having a criminal record, can follow you for life. This can mean that you aren’t able to find housing or a job when you need to.

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