Domestic violence charge defense strategies are complex

We recently discussed some of the main points regarding a domestic violence case. If you recall, the effects of these cases can be considerable and far-reaching. If you are facing a domestic violence charge, your defense is the backbone of your plan for the future. We know that this might seem troubling, but it is the reality that a person facing these charges has to deal with.

When you think about domestic violence charges, you can probably see why coming up with a defense strategy might be difficult. The case against you might hinge on physical or forensic evidence; however, it might be based on testimonies. The type of evidence in the case has a big impact on the possible defense strategy you choose.

You might also have to think about how the case might impact your relationship with the alleged victim and those close to the victim. For example, if the defendant is your spouse, you have to think about how the case is impacting your children.

As you think about that, you have to determine how you can defend yourself against the charges without making the relationship you have with the alleged victim worse. If your ex-spouse is the victim, you have to think about how you can preserve the relationship if you will have to parent your children with that person.

We understand that the complexities of these cases are often deep. We can help you to evaluate the points in the case being presented against you so that you can examine the options for answering those points as part of your defense.