Can I get in trouble for getting high off of inhalants?

On Behalf of | Apr 25, 2017 | Drug Crime Defense, Firm News

There are many avenues that people use to get high. While some people turn to drugs like narcotics or cocaine, others choose methods they think are safer. These methods are often just as dangerous as using hardcore drugs, so people who do them must be careful.

One way of getting high that many people don’t talk about is sniffing glue or other inhalants. These items can often produce a high that rivals other drugs. Because it is legal to purchase these items, some people might not think there is anything wrong with getting high off of them.

Can I get into legal trouble for sniffing inhalants?

Yes, you can face criminal charges for sniffing paint thinner and other inhalants. While these items are legal when they are used in accordance with their intended purpose, they are illegal when used in an unintended manner, such as getting high. The penalties you are facing might not be as serious as if you were facing drug trafficking charges; however, you must still take them seriously since they are still criminal matters.

What might happen if I’m caught using inhalants to get high?

In New Hampshire, you are likely going to be offered treatment for your addiction. In some cases, this might be court ordered. You should make sure that you find out what is possible in your case because there are various ways that these cases might be resolved. Finding out what is possible as early in the process as possible can help to give you ideas about what you want to do for your defense strategy.


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