Watch out for these signs your marriage may be coming to an end

On Behalf of | Mar 16, 2017 | Family Law, Firm News

No matter how unhappy you are in your marriage, it is almost always difficult to make that final decision to end such an important relationship. The process becomes even more complicated if you have children, friends and assets that must be cared for and distributed. Because this is such a big decision to make, you should be prepared to put serious thought and effort into determining if you can make it work. The following warning signs can show you when it is time to start considering a divorce.

Disrespect is common

Do you feel disrespected or do you wish you could show your spouse more respect? Once criticism and rudeness take the place of positive comments and compliments, your marriage could be in trouble. Negative comments commonly refer to those you associate with, your behaviors and your physical appearance. As they become more frequent on both sides, it may be time to reassess the relationship.

Finances are a common cause for arguing

Finances are one of the most common reasons that people get divorced in America today. You may have different spending and saving habits or different philosophies about the role money plays in your lives. If you cannot reconcile these differences after a significant effort, it may simply not be possible to make the marriage work, as finances touch almost every part of your married life.

Physical, emotional or verbal abuse

Abuse can be subtle, and it may start small but end up big before you even realize it. If you deal with abuse from a spouse in any way, it is time to start thinking about getting help and walking away from the marriage. This is particularly important if children are in the home. Not only will they be involved in traumatic events and learn from bad examples, but the abuse may eventually extend to them.

Different interests and hobbies

When you were dating, it seemed like you would never run out of things to talk about and do together. Once real life sets in, and work and kids interfere, it can be hard to find common interests and hobbies to enjoy together. If you find you have no interest in spending time with your spouse, it is time to reassess your future.

Where should you go?

If you have determined that divorce is the right decision for you and your family, you need an advocate in your corner who will look out for your best interests. Consider consulting with an attorney immediately to protect yourself throughout the process.