Drug charges: From paraphernalia to trafficking

On Behalf of | Mar 16, 2017 | Drug Crime Defense, Firm News

In the previous blog post, the case of the Burger King worker who used code words for drugs was discussed. This interesting case addressed how it is possible to face more than one type of drug charge. In fact, there is a range of drug charges that prosecutors can consider when determining how to prosecute a defendant.

Those arrested with small quantities of drugs that could be for personal use may face drug possession charges. It is possible that you could be close to the limit for possession because the quantity for these charges is often very small.

If you had more than what could be considered for personal use, you could face charges for selling drugs. This might also be the case if you have the drugs packaged in a way that is consistent with drug sales.

People with very large amounts of drugs could be considered traffickers. This is a very serious charge that can lead to considerable jail time.

Even if you don’t have drugs on you, it is still possible to face drug-related charges if you have items on you that are associated with drugs. Drug paraphernalia charges can arise from having items like digital scales, baggies, crack pipes or syringes in your possession.

If you are facing any of these drug charges, be sure to find out your options for defending yourself. In some cases, alternative sentences could lead to rehab instead of jail or prison. Your criminal defense attorney can explore plea bargains and similar options. Carefully consider each option before choosing the one you feel is the best for your case.

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